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We're always creating new and exciting handmade gifts and personalised jewellery for you. With so many beautiful materials around and the opportunity to source from around the world, there's no limit to the jewellery that we can make.

These are our latest projects using the newest materials that we have sourced. Then, as soon as we have created something unique for you, it's live on the website, ready for you to order.

Gem Quality Birthstone Bracelets

Premium gemstones bracelets, personalised with your birthstone

A range of birthstone bracelets featuring real gemstones - ideal to celebrate family birthdays. I'll start you with February Amethyst!


Leather and Gemstone bracelets

Luxury, high-end gifts for her and for him

For our latest range of handmade jewellery, we've using beautiful patterned and matte beads and wiring them onto soft round leather to create something truly beautiful for her and for him.

By combining five to six focal beads with a subtle spacer bead, we're really bringing out the individual beauty of the gemstones. Plus, by using plain leather in a limited palette, nothing is allowed to detract from the beads. The beads are individually hand-wired before being joined to the leather, so that we know that each bead is perfect and the colour flows along its length.

For this range, we've specifically selected beads with either a matte (frosted) finish or a faceted cut, and all in subtle tones to create a range that is stylish and timeless.


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