Gemstonery - Personalising unique Jewellery with semiprecious gemstones

Choosing crystals and gemstones to make personalised jewellery and gifts has never been so exciting!

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OK, so we made the name up - but in all honesty, it's what we're about.

Using real gemstones and synthetic alternatives, we personalise your gifts and jewellery so that they are tailored just for you, and resonate with your personality and wishes. We use a little magic from the earth to make your wishes real.

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Gemstones are nature's little powerhouses - they contain just the right alignment of electrons to get things happening.

It's not airy fairy stuff, it actually makes sense. We're all made up of electrons, and gemstones are simply electrons in a pre-determined pattern - and they can interact with our own electrons in a very specific way.

This is why we use only the real thing where we can (while still keeping our jewellery affordable), so that you can actually benefit from the crystal power of personalised gemstones - Gemstonery!


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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