About Hand Stamping

Personalising your jewellery

All of our jewellery is handmade to order and no machinery is involved in its creation and assembly.  We take the individual pieces of metal and hand stamp them to ensure that each and every item is different.  Each letter is individually positioned and impressed manually with a hammer, so variations will occur in every piece, and there is a mark left on the reverse of the piece.

This individuality is what makes a piece of handmade jewellery from Ruby’s Charms unique and special to you, and these tiny differences are what makes the whole piece personal.

Once the metal is stamped, we check it for burring and rough edges and, after filing, it is tumbled in a jewellery polishing machine to take out any tiny scratches and minor imperfections - giving the piece a uniform appearance.

Tumbling takes up to 12 hours depending on the metal involved.

After washing and drying, the hand-stamped lettering is embossed with a jewellery grade marker (to highlight rather than colour the text).

Then any crystal birthstones are added along with charms and chains and your item is polished again before final packing.


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