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Our Story

The human side behind our online shop

I am Laurence, the thinker and maker, and Ruby is the Chihuahua behind the name - together we make Ruby's Charms.

Our passion (well mine really as Ruby is a dog) is making contemporary jewellery at affordable prices - the sort of things that you can happily give as a gift or wear yourself on a night out (or as comfortable day-wear).

I have a love of natural things - I find plants, biology and geology fascinating and it follows that our jewellery relates to these things in some way -we want to share these beautiful things with everyone.

Then there's Ruby

My love for that old mutt is everything, and she has inspired a line of pet related jewellery from collar tags to Rainbow Bridge, so that we can share the love with you.

And now I come to the bit of our story that's really cool, and

there are three things that you need to know about our jewellery and gifts:

Craftsmanship - Every piece of jewellery and every gift is made or assembled by hand, and we hope that you can see that it has been made carefully and with love.

Originality - Although pieces may be similar, no two are the same as there is no machinery involved, just me, Ruby, and a kitchen table.

Presentation - Whatever it is, each handmade gift is packed and presented with as much care as that with which it was made - we want you to enjoy receiving it as much as giving it.

These 3 things are at the heart of our shop - and I'm guessing that you’ll love that too...


About the Shop

Re-imagined to bring you a bespoke shopping experience

With a new website comes new ideas. We're working hard to get all of our lovely products up and running for you to buy - with a little bit of Chihuahua magic of course...


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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