New for 2019, be one of the first to wear this handmade, triple-stone bracelet, featuring a stunning wolf's head bead.


Gemstone beads of Kambaba Jasper with its swirling patterns of green and black have been combined with golden Pyrite and earthy Bronzite to provide the wearer with strength, protection and leadership. 


Highlighted with a chunky wolf Pavé charm which features faceted green crystals set together on the surface of the charm as eyes.


Elasticated to fit most wrists easily, the bracelet comes in a range of sizes and colours for the wolf head bead.

Handmade Beaded Gemstone Wolf Bracelet

Wolf Colour
  • ✔ Central Wolf Bead bead [11 x 14 mm]
    ✔ Glossy gemstone beads [8mm]
    ✔ durable, comfortable elastic
    ✔ 100% recycled and reusable packaging
    ✔ gift packaged in a velvet pouch


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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