There's nothing more iconic for the start of spring than the snowdrop as it heralds the coming warmer weather and the burgeoning of new growth.


Made using Czech glass beads, this unique necklace has been created to bring a little spring joy into your life - and if you're a January baby, this is the flower of your birth month.


Galanthus handmadeus - in case you need a name for your necklace.

Handmade Beaded Snowdrop Necklace

  • ✔ silver plated chain [18" (45cm)]

    beaded snowdrop flower (17mm wide x 30mm high)

    ✔ Czech glass beads

    ✔ all metal parts are low nickel as per EU regulations for jewellery

    ✔100% recycled and recyclable packaging

    ✔ gift boxed


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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