A handmade elephant necklace - a beautiful symbol of the family Matriarch - to help you become wiser and stronger.


The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, longevity, stamina, and memory, as well as family values and a nurturing nature.


Carrying a representation of the elephant is thought to impart the animal’s attributes to the bearer - give it as a gift to a mother to represent her nurturing and caring qualities - the perfect gift for Mother's Day.


The blue bead represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence, and is the perfect companion to the alloy elephant charm.


Your necklace will be sent gift packaged ready for you to give as a present.

Mothers Day Gift, Handmade Elephant Charm Necklace

  • ✔ the silver plated chain is 18" (45cm)

    ✔ the elephant charm is 21mm x 16mm

    ✔ the blue bead is 6mm

    ✔ all metal parts are low nickel as per EU regulations for jewellery

    ✔ 100% recycled and recyclable packaging


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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