A beautiful Serpentine Diffuser bracelet for Mother's Day, made with simulated Serpentine gemstones and genuine Rosewood beads.


Designed to bring order by re-establishing connection with nature and bringing you joy and enlightenment.

Your bracelet is sent gift packages in a velvet pouch to protect it when not being worn - the perfect present for someone you love or for yourself to keep!

About the Gemstones

Named Serpentine as it stimulates the serpent power of the brain, it is a stone of reawakening and connects the higher regions of the brain to nature. Mystical swirls of cream and red in the Serpentine mix with turquoise blue in magical and ephemeral patterns that have a other-worldly quality of their own and make each bead unique and powerful.

Rosewood beads have been used to complete the Transformation Bracelet as they are a powerful talisman and symbolise kindness and good heart. The Rosewood harmonises you mentally and spiritually and is a traditional wood from which love charms are made.

Additionally rosewood, being porous, will absorb a few drops of your favourite perfume or essential oil, bonding the bracelet to your essence, making it specifically personalised to you - no other jewellery can offer you that!

Wear this bracelet to overcome the fear of change by connecting with nature and embrace transformation.

Serpentine and Rosewood Beaded Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet

Wrist Size
  • ✔ simulated Serpentine beads [8mm]

    ✔ genuine Rosewood beads [8mm]

    ✔ durable, easy-to-wear, elastic cord

    ✔ 100% recycled and recyclable packaging

    ✔ velvet carrying pouch


Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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