Spotlight on...Men's Natural Gemstone Bracelets

October 13, 2018

Stone has been used to create bracelets for centuries, and today its use in jewellery is enjoying a well-deserved comeback as men seek to add accessories to their fashion.



No longer reserved for ladies and trendy kids, gemstone bracelets are seen everywhere as the new men's accessory - with more and more  emphasis on the natural beauty of gemstones, which are all about strength and power and linked irreversibly to the natural world and the spiritual benefits that these stones imbue on the wearer.


Our range of men's stone bead bracelets uses only the best natural materials to create stunning pieces of jewellery, which like every item in Ruby's Charms, is custom made to order and individual to you.


We handpick our stone beads one by one, discarding any that are poorly patterned or damaged, so you can be sure that your gemstone bracelet is perfect. Beads are typically 10 - 12mm in diameter for a chunky look, but all are also available in 6 and 8mm if you prefer a more refined look. Once selected the stone beads are individually strung or wired, depending on design, again so that each bracelet is different.




Gemstones all carry with them a set of properties that have been revered down the centuries, for example:


Agate for Wisdom, Confidence, Prosperity

Tiger's Eye for Insight, Confidence, Balance

Lava Stone for Strength, Passion, Creation

And of course, each gemstone bracelet has its own unique set of properties, based entirely on the different combinations of stone beads and charms that we have used in its creation.


Men's beaded bracelets have been a popular gift for Father's Day and birthdays this year, and customer feedback shows that they are a welcome addition to our range of gemstone beaded bracelets - why not get a matching set for both yourself and the man in your life!


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